Moroccan Beef Stew and a New Table Cloth & Napkins



My husband got back form his business trip this evening.  He was away for 3 nights – the 1st night I had a sandwich, 2nd night I had a fried rice with green curry paste, the 3rd night was yesterday and I just had some nibbles a the Providore party and then a small plate of hummus with pita bread to share with a friend at a nearby bar – so nothing to take a photo of.

Today is a Friday and we usually go out but I couldn’t think of anywhere in particular I wanted to go to and also as my husband wasn’t arriving at the airport until around 7.00 pm being a bit tired we decided to stay home.  I defrosted some beef stew (1 bag of Moroccan beef stew and the other ordinary beef stew),  and made a carrot salad and “Herby Couscous” (I used coriander leaves instead of basil.)  I thought the combination was quite nice together.


We bought some “sarong” in Sri Lanka to use as tablecloths but when I opened them they were sewn together at the ends – so the length wasn’t enough for our table.  I guess I have to cut them and saw the ends.  I do like the colour, though.














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