Buffet Lunch at Basilico (The Regent)

今日は珍しく(いつものカフェでサンドイッチ、ではない)ランチに出かけました。場所は、久しぶりのリージェントホテルのイタリアン Basilico。住んでいるコンド(マンション)のマネージメントがリージェントホテルと同じで数ヶ月前に「改装工事で迷惑をかけるお詫び代」ということで数カ所で使えるバウチャーをいただいたので、忘れないうちに使うことに。

We decided to have a big lunch today – and went to Basilico in the Regent Hotel, partly because it’s convenient for shopping afterwards in Tanglin Mall and also because we wanted to use the vaoucher we had from our condo Management (as an apology for the noise they make when renovating some units near us).  It’s been a while since we last went there.


Starters:  I remembered when I started eating that I don’t like their salads very much, they tend to be very sour to my taste.  Their ham/salami is very good quality, though.



I took too much starter so not much room for anything else, just a little gratine of pasta and a small slice of pizza and a few roasted potatoes.  They do have lots of other things like Lamb Shank, some roasted meat, lots of other vegetable and pasta dishes to choose from.



I used to like their cheese board, but some time ago they stopped having many varieties. They used to have blue cheese and some soft cheese – but not any more, they are all hard cheeses that are very similar,  plus some young crumbly cheese.  Even my husband, who loves hard cheese, said their selection is boring.  Very disappointing.



For dessert, I had mango gelato (I loved their pistachio gelato but I haven’t seen it for years), Madeleine and biscotti.


With a bottle of sparkling water to share, we paid a little more than S$170 (but we had a voucher for S$80).  It seems quite expensive but if you can eat a lot it’s probably a good value.




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