Yummy Fluffy Ricotta Cheese Pancake (with a recipe)


As we were going to have a big lunch, we had planned to have “picnic at home”in the evening, which would normally be ham, salami, cheese and a baguette.  However, after our buffet lunch, we said “it’s a bit same as what we just had, isn’t it?” and changed our minds.  I suggested pancakes (not English style, it’s more like “hot cakes”) because I’ve been wanting to make some pancakes with ricotta cheese.   I do love pancakes but I haven’t eaten them for ages because if you order pancakes in a restaurant you usually get a huge amount and I get tired of them halfway through.  Besides, I don’t like eating something sweet when I’m hungry so I usually don’t want to have sweet things for a meal.


ずいぶん前に(10年以上前?)シドニーに行ったときに今ではすっかり日本でも知られている Bill’s にブランチに行って、リコッタチーズのパンケーキを食べました。カフェはとっても素敵な雰囲気でしたがパンケーキは期待しすぎたのか「なんか、普通。。。」とちょっとがっかりしたのを覚えています。その、Bill Granger さんのレシピで作ってみたのですが、ふわっふわでと〜っても美味しかったです。レシピ、おすすめです!

Many years ago, probably more than 10 years ago, we went to ‘Bill’s’ in Sydney for brunch.  It’s very well-known all over the world these days but not so much back then.  The cafe was very nice but to be honest I thought his famous pancakes were just ordinary, nothing special.  They certainly weren’t very fluffy.  Today, I tried his recipe and they came out so nice and fluffy!

We did shopping before I chose this recipe but his recipe happens to use strawberries, too.  I followed his recipe only for the pancakes, though.  I didn’t make his honeycomb butter and cooked the strawberries (except a few that I used for decoration) with some sugar because the strawberries you get here are very hard and not so sweet.  We also used some maple syrup – I feel you have to have maple syrup with pancakes, honey doesn’t do!






It was quite a lot of work actually – you have to whip egg white and it took quite a while to cook the pancakes.  I think I should have used multiple frying pans.   Anyway, it was worth the effort, they were so good!





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