Tulip Bouquet – follow up


Tulips grow taller and also move so we were told we’ll have to re-tie the bouquet every day.  I thought that sounded too much trouble but after seeing what the bouquet looked like today I sort of had no choice but re-tieing, it looked just too awful!

3 of the tulips  were broken when I untied the bouquet and some more broke when I touched them.  The tulips that were touching the vase (the bouquet is in the vase diagonally and the bottom tulips are touching the edge of one side of the vase) get weak because of the contact with the edge of the vase, I think.



I feel sad that these flowers don’t last very long, maybe OK until tomorrow but I think they’ll be gone in a couple of days.





This is how the bouquet was this afternoon before I undid it.







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