Crispy Chickpeas


I’ve been curious what the roasted chickpeas with spices  (I see many versions of them) are like but haven’t tried because it seems a lot of trouble to use the oven just for snack but I really liked the chickpeas you sautee in a frying pan with spices I learned yesterday at the cooking class so I’m making the salad for tonight.


All you do is to sautee them with olive oil and spices (I used garlic, chilli powder, cumin and coriander today) until the outside of the chickpeas is slightly crispy.  I really love this particular texture and couldn’t stop eating them when I tried some to taste them!  I thought a tin of chickpeas would be too much for 2 of us for a salad but I think I can eat the whole tin.


I like using S&W chickpeas when I make hummus because they are much softer than other brands I’ve tried but for this I thought it’s better to go for more firm texture so I used Waitrose’s and worked well.






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