Catching up in Ippudo


I had an unexpected quick lunch with an American friend.  The last time we got together was at the end of November so it’s been 4 months!  She is always busy with lots of activities and when we tried to set a date for lunch she wasn’t available until just the day before I leave for Japan so we thought we won’t be able to see each other until May.  Her plans changed and we were able to have a quick lunch today, which suited me as well because I had somewhere I wanted to go to in the afternoon.

最近のお気に入りのマンダリンギャラリーの一風堂はどう?とご堤案がありましたが、Show Centreの方が空いてるのでそちらはどう?とお聞きし、そちらになりました。

She suggested Ippudo in Madarin Gallery, which is apparently her new discovery, but I suggested to go to the Ippudo in Shaw Centre because it’s less likely to be too busy to get a seat.  We ordered a set (3) of pork buns to share and a bowl of ramen each.  My friend chose Spicy Black and I chose Dan Dan Tonkotsu, which wasn’t on the menu the last time when I was there and I’m happy it’s back!

ポークバン3つを半分ずつとそれぞれにラーメンをオーダー。お友達は Spicy Black Ramen をオーダーされました。わたしは、「坦々とんこつっていうのが好きだったんだけどね」と説明しかけたらメニューにあってびっくり。前回はメニューが変わったとかでなかったのでスパイシーヌードルだかなんだかをオーダーしたらあまり好みではなかったのです。店員さんに「これって何ヶ月か前まであたけど一度なくなった坦々ラーメンですよね?」と聞くと、「3日前にメニューが変わったところだから、新しいです。」とのこと。でも、多分、以前のと同じだと思います。







This friend is always busy as she is interested in many many things so there are always lots to talk about.  She is going to visit Japan for the first time soon – I hear that cherry blossom is early this year but I hope they’ll be there in time to see some.  Hope she’ll enjoy her time in Japan.




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