Chicken & Mashed Potato with Cream & Horseraddish Sauce

今日の夕食は、Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook から、チキンのマスタードとクリームのソース。チキンはレシピではフライパンで焼くとありますが、わたしはポーチしました。焼くとどうしても表面は固まってしまい食感が変わるので、サラダにはよくそうしますが、今日のお料理の場合はポーチして柔らかい食感にする方が美味しく感じます。

Today’s dinner was Chicken with Cream & Horseradish Sauce – from Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook.  In the recipe you are supposed to serve it on top of sauteed spinach but I serve it on mashed potato like my friend did when I was staying with her.  I don’t in general like cream sauce so much because I often find it heavy, but I do love this one, probably because it has some acidity from white wine and lemon juice, and the horseradish also makes it less heavy.  The dill makes it even more delicious.


In the recipe, you are supposed to fry the chicken breast in a frying pan.  I personally feel it’s nicer if the chicken is tender all over.  When you fry it in a sauce pan you do make the outside of the chicken a little tough so I tend to poach it in a flavoured stock/water for this particular recipe.  I add some bay leaf, stock cube, onion, leek top, pepper, salt etc to flavour the liquid, put the chicken breasts in when the liquid comes to boiling, put the lid on and leave it of the heat for 10-15 minutes.

Having said “10-15 minutes”, it took me more than 20 minutes today.  After 15 minutes, the thermometer (to check inside) showed only 61C, so I put them back and left it additional 5 minutes.  The thermometer showed 66C.  I decided to cut some of the thick parts off, boil the liquid again then put them back for 5 more minutes.  The chicken breasts can be very thin and very thick, if it’s very thick I think it’s better to halve the thickness of the thick parts.


I served the with carrots and kale.  I really love this sauce with the mashed potato.






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