Lunch At A New Steam Boat Restaurant


ご一緒したお1人が、最近行って美味しかったので何人かで行ってみませんか?とご提案くださったのは、「Tang Restaurant, Bar & Supper Club」という、新しい火鍋のレストラン。見た目はあまり火鍋屋さんっぽくないおしゃれなお店でした。

I had lunch with 4 friends today.  One of them suggested “Tang Restaurant, Bar & Supper Club“, which is a new Steam Boat restaurant, because she’d been there recently and liked it very much.  For the rest of us, this was the first time to be there.  It didn’t look very “Steam Boat Restaurant” – in a good way.






You get a little starter and 2 different sauces each.



Out of 3 different soups, we chose the Spicy Szechuan Soup and Tomato Soup (because the other one uses some fish stock).



We had meat balls, pork slices,  Gyoza, mushrooms, green vegetables, frozen tofu, deep-fried bean curd…  The staff did most of the work for us – which is unlike usual Steam Boat – which we were grateful for because we were so busy chatting.



Except one friend, we each had a glass of draft beer.



Then, we finished our meal off with Ma Po Do Fu on top of some rice – delicious!  We asked them to make it slightly less spicy than their usual standard and it was just right.



They gave us some dessert.  It was something similar to porridge but slightly sweet, made of barley, mung beans, Chinese dates and  Chinese wolfberry fruit etc…



We were happily full and the bill was about S$45 per person, which seems like a very good value.  I’m told that they use no MSG, which is also great.


Some schools are already on spring break and some close to, so many of my friends are very busy now.  It was fortunate that even those who aren’t often available happened to have time today.  I’ve been meeting all of them now and again (or more often for some), but some of them hadn’t seen each other for 2 years!  So much to catch up  – it was very chatty lunch!



25 Keong Saik Road
Tel:6222 7708 or 8727 5881


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