Vegetable Curry


I was so full with lunch that I didn’t want to even think about dinner so I decided to make a vegetable curry, which doesn’t need much thinking.  My husband loves it so I probably cook it once a month or so.


I make it something between Indian and Japanese.  Today I used some left-over butternut squash, cabbage, green beans that were left-over in the fridge.  Also a sweet potato that looked like it was going to go off soon, as well as the usual carrots and potatoes.


I sauteed onion, garlic & ginger first until soft and coloured, then added some curry spice mix (Indian), cumin, coriander, clove, and sauteed a little longer.  Then added some tin tomatoes, water, chicken stock, bay leaf and a cinnamon stick before starting to add the vegetables.  I add the ones that take longer to cook, like carrots and potatoes, first, then keep adding others at different timings.  When all is done, I add some Japanese curry roux  (but less than the amount a Japanese curry needs), some mango chutney and let it simmer for a little and it’s done.  Just before serving, I add some garam masala.




This is my husband’s plate.  I had about 1/3 because I wasn’t hungry – but once I started eating it I actually enjoyed it.



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