Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)


I’ll be writing about the meals we had in Kobe yesterday and the day before yesterday but it’ll take time to edit the photos so first some cherry blossoms.


If we had a choice my husband and I would have spent next weekend together in Japan but the next weekend is too close to our hoiday to Sicily and also we probably couldn’t get a hotel room.  When we made the reservations for the hotel and the flight, we weren’t expecting to see any cherry blossoms in bloom, but since then they changed the predicted date for blooms to start coming out to the 23rd of this month, so we started to think we might see some trees in half full state – but it got suddenly cold again a few days ago, which delayed the blooms to come out and there aren’t a lot of blossoms yet.

Still, the weather was lovely this morning, it wasn’t hot, it wasn’t very cold and the sun was shining, a perfect spring day, so we did enjoy our little stroll.  We did see a few trees with maybe 20% blooms out, which were very pretty.  I’m glad we did the walk anyway.  The weather changed around the lunch time and it rained a little so we were lucky to get such beautiful weather in the morning.













As expected, it was very cold when we arrived in Japan early on Saturday morning.  I felt so cold even with a warm winter down coat (but I must admit I was wearing summer clothes underneath).  However, it warmed up quite a lot yesterday, ‘ultra-down’ (Uniqlo’s light down coat) was enough for us, and today we didn’t even need that at some points when we were in the sunshine. 



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