Pork Chops Baked with Mushrooms & Creme Fraiche


When I took a photo of the dinner last night, the photo was in black and white.  My husband was trying to figure out wifi and a few other things for me and I guess he also changed some other setting.  As I’m not familiar with the new system yet, I couldn’t work out how to turn it back, so I used my iPhone again.

昨日の夕食は、夫が作ってくれたのはDelia Smithのレシピでポークチョップでした。ソースは、クレームフレッシュとマッシュルーム(フレッシュとドライポルチーニの両方)。アルミホイルに包んでオーブンで蒸し焼きにするので、簡単で美味しいレシピです。

Dinner my husband cooked last night was Pork Chop with baked with fresh and dried mushroos and creme fraiche – Delia Smith’s recipe.  You put everything on a sheet of alminim foil, close it and bake it in the oven – easy and delicious.



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