I think these are getting known in Japan as well – they are called Cannoli (Cannolo if just one) and seem like a very typical Sicilian snack and a dessert. I remember they were eaten in the film The Godfather as well.  The shells are deep-fried (like a lot of Sicilian food and desserts) and filled with ricotta cheese.  You see them all over Sicily, so we’ve had a lot of them, but the ones we get in our hotel restaurant here are the very best!

As the shells are deep-fried I can smell oil with others and the texture is crispy but not crunchy.  The ones in the hotel are very crunchy and I can  hardly detect any oil.  I don’t think these are the really traditional texture, but I love them.  Because you cannot smell or taste the oil they are lighter than others, too. I even thought maybe they oven-bake the shells rather than deep-fry them.


Apparently the secret is that they fry the shells in the morning so they drain very well and get dried, and Then they put in the filling after an order is placed and serve straight away.


They are also quite small so it’s easy to eat three in one go.

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