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シ チリアの観光はまだまだ発展していないのか、ホテルの数も少ないように感じました。予算との兼ね合いもあり、あまり酷いホテルには泊まりたくないけれ ど、(1週間借りたヴィラがわたしたちにとっては高いところでしたので)パレルモとタオルミーナでは高級ホテルには泊まらずそこそこのホテルにすること に。ネットでいくつかのホテルの情報を何度も何度も繰り返し読んで(必ず結構な数の悪い評価があるので)、最終的にロケーションが良さそうでそこそこのホ テルだろうと思った Grand Hotel Wagner というホテルに決めました。日によって宿泊料金が違ったと思いますが、平均して大体1泊200ユーロくらいだったのではないかと思います。超高級ホテルだ とこの倍くらいだと思いますがそういうホテルはとても少なく、多分2件くらいしかなかったと思います。シチリア全体にホテルは安いホテルが中心のように思 いました。わたしたちが宿泊したホテルでも、やや高級の部類に入ると思います。。

お部屋は比較的広く天井の装飾などは素敵でしたが、ベッ ドカバーが古いので古びた印象を受けました。イタリア全体にそうですが、お部屋はいたってシンプル。近くにレストランやカフェやバーがたくさんあり安全 で、いくつかの主要な観光スポットもありましたのでロケーションはとても良かったですし、ホテルの方も比較的フレンドリーでした。外の音が結構聞こえてき ましたが、わたしたちはそれほど気になりませんでした。









I feel that hotels in Europe are much more expensive than in the US, for example, for what they are.  We’ve been disappointed with or sometimes even shocked by them many times.   Many of the hotel rooms in Italy (and many other countries in Europe) specially in large cities seem very old (not in a nice way) and small in many places so we don’t expect much these days except when we splurge ourselves.

Sicily’s tourism isn’t up to the levels of many other places so we didn’t even find many expensive hotels.  The villa we rented in Syracuse was very expensive for us (not for what it was because it had 5 bedrooms, but it was actually just for 2 of us), so we didn’t want to stay in the most expensive hotels anyway.  I read, re-read and read again the informations and reviews of nearly all the hotels in Palermo and in the end we picked “Grand Hotel Wagner” mainly for its location.  The rate was different each day but I think we paid something around 200 Euro per night as an average.  The most expensive ones probably cost double of that but there aren’t many of them and this was perhaps in the category of expensive hotels in Palermo.  I noticed that in Sicily there were many many inexpensive hotels but not so many expensive ones.

Our room was quite spacious and the decoration on the ceiling was quite beautiful but the bed spread was quite old-looking so it made the room look dated.  It’s also very simply furnished, which seems to be the way in most places in Italy.

It wasn’t the sort of room we were happy to spend hours in but it was OK.  The location was great because it was close to where lots of restaurants, cafes and bars were and also some major attractions.  The hotel staff was also friendly enough.  No big complaints here.  We did get quite a lot of noise from the street outside but somehow it didn’t bother us much.



Grand Hotel Wagner
Via R. Wagner, 2 – 90139 Palermo
Tel. +39 091 336572 – Fax +39 091 335627

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