Handmade Pasta Sicilian Style with Sausage & Tomato Sauce


It’s a lot of work to write about holidays, especially when I didn’t blog much from the destinations.  We visited a lot of places so there are so many photos, and now and again I need to search for some details about the places we visited.  It all takes time.  I don’t think I’m halfway through yet…


The dinner my husband cooked tonight was handmade pasta with sausage and tomato sauce.  As you need to let the pasta dry before being able to use, we made them yesterday together.  It’s one of the 2 types of pasta we were taught by the chef at our class in Sicily.


There are many kinds of handmade pasta in Italy.  In Umbria and Toscana, we learned the type that you use “00” flour, salt and water (and a little olive oil and a little egg in some cases).  I’ve learned egg pasta where you use quite a lot of eggs in some cooking classes.  In Sicily and south of Italy they use just semolina flour, salt and water (and a little olive oil).

We made one of the 2 kinds of pasta we learned in Sicily – you use a bamboo BBQ stick (or some people use metal ones) to roll up each piece to make short tubes



They get darker in colour and shrink a little as they dry.




My husband made spicy Italian sausage and tomato sauce.






It seems like a wonder that you can make pasta from just flour or semolina and water.


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