Thai & Vietnamese Dinner


It’s always hot here in Singapore but May and June are in general the hottest time and usually in July it cools down a little – only by a few degree but makes it enough of a difference.  This year it seems to have been specially hot for a long time but a few days ago it finally got slightly cooler.

それでも暑くないわけではないので、やっぱり食べたいものはアジア料理。今日は、タイ料理にしました。と言っても簡単にできる豚ミンチのバジル炒め(ガッパオ)なのですが、今日は先日お友達とDing Dong に行ったときに美味しかったベトナム風サラダも作ってみました。ガッパオに目玉焼きもつけるので十分満足感はあるのですが、いつも少しお野菜がほしいなと思っていたのです。目玉焼きの下には、ジャスミンライス。

I say it’s cooler but it’s still over 30C degrees outside, so I still seem to crave for spicy foods.  Today, I cooked Stir-Fried Mince Pork with Basil (Thai), which is nice and spicy.  As I also add a sunny-side-up egg it’s satisfying without anything else, but I have often thought some vegetables would be good to go with it.  Today, I made Vietnamese Coleslaw, inspired by the Vietnamese Chicken Salad we had in Ding Dong with my friends the other day.  I didn’t use chicken as it’s a side dish and I like vegetables anyway.  I used cabbage, carrot, red onion and cucumber.  For the dressing, I mixed fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, garlic and fresh chilli and added some coriander leaves.  I made it early so the vegetables will soak up the dressing well.  No peanuts today.



Like most Japanese, I do enjoy having a little bit of this and that when it’s Asian food like Thai or Vietnamese, but I mostly leave that more complicated style to gatherings with friends.  It’s not easy to make many dishes just for the 2 of us, so I tend to choose something that can be satisfactory on its own (like stir-fried mince pork with basil and a sunny-side-up egg).













We enjoyed it!




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