Spaghetti alla Norma – Yum!

今日は夫が「一緒に夕食作って。」と言うので、一緒に作りました。Jamie Oliver の Spaghetti alla Norma というシチリアのパスタ。茄子が入ったトマトソース系のソース。最初に茄子にお塩をして水分を抜いてから、唐辛子やオレガノや塩コショウを茄子に絡めてから焼くという、ちょっと変わった調理法。唐辛子が多いように思ったのでレシピの半分くらいにしましたが、結構スパイシーでした。

My husband wanted me to cook the dinner together today so we did.  He had chosen Jamie Oliver’s “Spaghetti alla Norma“.   It’s a Sicilian pasta with aubergine and tomatoes.  You salt aubergine to get rid of some water, then mix it with chilli flakes, oregano, salt & pepper before frying in olive oil.  It looked too much chilli flakes so we reduced it to about a half the recipe and it was still quite spicy so we were glad we didn’t follow the quantity.









I often find pasta in restaurants in too much sauce.  I don’t like it when there is half of the sauce left when you finish your pasta.  This one didn’t look much sauce but it was actually just about the right amount. I also liked the aubergine cooked just right, not too squishy, not too hard, it had good flavour as well.  I must say I liked it much more than what I had in Sicily.  I think what I had in Sicily was traditionally cooked but this seems more fresh and better texture.  Success!




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