Steamboat With Friends


I had lunch with “Hong Kong Group” (friends who came from Hong Kong to Singapore) today at “Imperial Treasure Steamboat” on the 4F of ION.  It’s been a long time (probably more than a year) since all four of us got together.  There was always one or two people who could not make it whenever we met for lunch.  Apart from myself, this was their first time to be at this restaurant and one of them had never had Steamboat before.

場所は、IONの4階の Imperial Treasure Steamboat。わたし以外はみなさん初めて行かれたそうで、中にはお1人火鍋が初めての方もおられました。




We didn’t order any meat in the end.  We had mushroom set, vegetable set, frozen tofu (2), ordinary tofu, Chive dumplings (2), beancurd, water cress, sweet corn.  We were planning to have some noodles as well at the end but ended up being too full.  We shared a pot of jasmine tea and it was about S$36 per person – seems very inexpensive, I guess because we didn’t order any meat.  Everyone seems to have enjoyed it very much.

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant – Ion Orchard
 2 Orchard Turn
#04-09/10 Ion Orchard

6636 9339

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