Soft Tacos


We had soft tacos for dinner today, it’s been a long time since we had it at home.


In Japan, 30-20 years ago, we didn’t see tortilla in supermarket so I used to use Japanese spring roll wraps – I used to steam them in a bamboo steamer.  Spring roll wraps are much thinner and lighter than tortilla and I liked the slightly chewy texture, too.  In Hong Kong and Singapore you cannot find Japanese spring roll wraps as easily (and  Chinese ones don’t work for this) so we stopped having soft tacos.  I think we did have it once with tortilla but I found it too filling and didn’t repeat it.  However, today I steamed the tortilla like I used to with spring roll wraps and they came out much nicer than warming them up in the oven – very soft and light.


Lettus, onion, left-over Chilli Con Carne from our freezer, tomato, coriander leaves, lime, Guacamole, taco sauce (and cheese for my husband).








We enjoyed it very much, we must make it again.




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