Thai lunch in Japan


Apologies for not blogging for so long.


I often hear Japanese people commenting that it’s hotter in Japan in summer than in Singapore and I always assumed it was true.  In terms of the temperature it is true, but I personally find it more bearable in Japan so far because the humidity here is much lower than in Singapore.  However the problem with Japan is that the aircon isn’t strong enough on the trains and in shopping centers, so I find I am getting off the train before I’ve had  a chance to really cool down.


I tried a Thai restaurant near Nishinomiya Kitaguchi with my sister for lunch today. We had watermelon smoothies, deep fried starters, a seafood and vermicelli salad, stir-fried morning glory, stir-fried chicken with basil, mango with sticky rice, and coconut milk sorbet.



It was mostly OK but we didn’t like the stir-fried chicken with basil.  The Morning Glory was quite good.  I thought things were generally lacking real Thai flavour, though.  Thai and Indian are two cuisines I feel are done better in Singapore than in Japan.

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