Dinner at Nassim Hill Bakery

ランチのところにも書きましたが、今日は不快な出来事があったので夕食を作る気分にならず、かと言って美味しいものを食べに行こうという気分でもなかったので、夫と度々土曜日のランチに行っている Nassim Hill Bakery で軽く食べようということになりました。とりあえず、ビールで乾杯。

As I wrote about the lunch today, there was something unpleasant to deal with for my husband and I today, and I didn’t feel like cooking dinner.  We also didn’t feel “let’s go and have a lovely dinner!” either, so we decided to go to Nassim Hill Bakery for a light simple dinner.

We needed beer, that’s for sure!




My husband has been here once for dinner and had Fish & Chips,  which he says was very good.  This was my first time to be there for dinner.  My husband had Sausages & Smashed Potatoes and I had the “DIY Steak Sandwich”.


Sausages had seasoning but the potatoes and steak didn’t seem to have any seasoning, so they were not really enjoyable.



The DIY Steak Sandwich came like this.  The bread was very thinly sliced baguette, the slices were very dry and crunchy – not really bread but rusk.  I talked to a staff and told her I wouldn’t call this sandwich, DIY or not.  You are supposed to put bits of steak and onion on the rusk and eat like that, but the steak is quite tough and chewey, so you cannot eat it that way.  The staff kindly gave me a whole piece of chiabata bread  so I could make a proper sandwich, but with the steak not being seasoned properly I didn’t enjoy it at all.



It was very empty at this time of the evening – about 7:30.





I thought this place is good for breakfast and lunch not not really for dinner from what we had tonight – although we should try a couple more things on their menu before deciding so.



Nassim Hill Bakery

 56 Tanglin Rd, #01-03 Tanglin Post Office, 247964
Tel: 6835 1128



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