Indian Spice & Coconut Curry


I decided to make curry today but not what I usually make -I tried to make something along the lines of the detox curry I had at lunch the other day at a restaurant.  I didn’t necessarily try to copy it but just thought I’ll try coconut milk or cream in the sauce with Indian spices.  It does look and tasted quite different from the one the other day but it was still very enjoyable.


I sauteed onion, garlic & ginger then added some spices.  There was left-over tin tomato in the fridge so I also added that, as well as some water and chicken stock, and simmered it for a little while.  I then put it in the blender to make it into a sauce, then added coconut cream.  As toppings, I used a few vegetables – carrot, potato, butter nut squash and sweet corn.  The rice is Japanese rice with 16-grains.




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