Lunch At A Popular Cafe “Populus”


There was a big earthquake in Italy as you all know.  It’s not far from where our friends live (near Assisi) so we worried about them but thankfully they are safe.  They said it shook so strongly that they couldn’t sleep being scared.  I read that it was about 10km from Norcia, where we visited about 8 years ago.  I read that a half of the little village was destroyed.  I guess so many beautiful old buildings are gone now.  I hope there won’t be many more dead and injured people.



I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while (not since I left for Japan in July) today.  I saw an interesting looking cafe called “Populus” in some blogs so we tried it.  It’s in one of the shop houses,  so it’s narrow and long.  It seems very popular and was full soon after we got there.  You go to the counter to make your order and pay, and they’ll bring it to your table.


お友達は、Pulled Pork Grain Bowl.  底にキヌアが敷いてあり、ポークや色々な焼き野菜などが盛りあわされています。手前の真ん中あたりに見えるのはふりかけ。最近、ふりかけを時々レストランで見かけます。色々な味がして美味しかったとおっしゃっていました。最近食べ過ぎで胃がもたれているとおっしゃっていましたが、軽くて良かったようです。

My friend had “Pulled Pork Grain Bowl”.  It had some quinoa on the bottom, pulled pork and various vegetables on top.  There was also some Furikake (a Japanese rice seasoning), it’s a little strange to us Japanese but it seems to be getting popular in cafe and restaurants in the last couple of years.  My friend enjoyed this very much, she said there was a lot of different tastes in the bowl.  She also said she’s been eating too much and wanted to have something light and this fit the bill.



I thought about having the same one but in the end decided to have “Fried Chicken Donburi”, which is supposed to be their signature dish.  It was very good but unfortunately the sauce was a little too fishy for me specially with the Furikake – it’s only because I don’t like fish, I’m sure it’s good to most people.



My friend’s Cafe Late looked very cute!



雰囲気も悪くないですし食事も今風で美味しかったです。次回は、grain bowl をいただいてみたいです。近くなら何度かトライしてみたいところですが少し遠いのが難点。周りには何もないところのように思いましたが、とても賑わっていました。

The place had a nice vibe and the food was very modern and good.  I would like to try one of their grain bowls next time.  If it was near where we live or somewhere more convenient I would try it soon but it is a bit far.  There wasn’t anything much else around there but still it was very busy.



The Populus
146 Neil Road

Tel:6635 8420


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