“You mean the world to me” – Birthday Card My Husband Made


My husband sometimes surprises me by making a card for me and he made a birthday card for me the other day.  He doesn’t know anything about how to make cards so all he does is stamping some stamps but imagining him going through my stamps, ink pads, paper and making a card for me when I’m not in the study tickles me and fills my heart with happiness!



今回は中にもスタンプが押してありました。「you mean the world to me」 どう訳せば良いでしょうね。「君が全て」、そんな感じでしょうか。夫へのカードに押すつもりで買ったスタンプのはずですが、先に使われちゃいました。

He found a perfect sentiment stamp to stamp inside the card – “you mean the world to me”.  He means the world to me, too!  I bought the set of the stamp that has this sentiment thinking I want to use this on the card I make for my husband, but he used it before I did!  How sweet is he?  He is the best husband ever!

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