Pasta Alla Norma

今日の夕食は、パスタ・アッラ・ノルマ (ノルマ風パスタ)。トマトソースにナスが入ったシチリア風のパスタ。本来はリコッタチーズ(塩リコッタ)を使いますが、パルメジャーノを使いました。Jamie Oliverのレシピなので本来のものとは多少違っているかもしれませんが、美味しいです。

Today’s dinner was Pasta Alla Norma – I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe so it might be different from the authentic one but I like it very much.  You are supposed to use Salted Ricotta but I used Parmesan cheese instead. 


I prefer long pasta and my husband prefers short pasta.  Usually one of us has to compromise but today I cooked 2 different pasta.  I mixed spaghetti with the sauce first (because I find short pasta can stay al dente a little longer) so my husband had a few strands of my spaghetti but this way both of us were happy!


My husband was eating a lot of meat in Germany last week so I consciously cooked meals with mostly vegetables this week.











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