Homemade Ravioli Stuffed With Squash & Ricotta

今日は夫がとても手間のかかる夕食を作ってくれました。Jamie Oliverの Squash & Rocotta Ravioli with 7-Veg Tomato Sauce, Rocket & Parmesan (スクウォッシュとリコッタのラビオリ、7種類の野菜入りトマトソース)トマトを入れて7種類の野菜が入ったトマトソースはたくさんの野菜を切るので手間がかかりますし、ラビオリも生地から作っているので2時ごろからお料理を初めていました。途中でティータイムを取りましたが、多分合計3時間半くらいかかっています。(トマトソースはたくさん作ってくれたので、小分けして冷凍。3食分十分あります。)

My husband cooked a dinner that takes a long time to cook!  It was Jamie Oliver’s “Squash & Rocotta Ravioli with 7 Veg Tomato Sauce, Rocket & Parmesan.  He made a lot of the tomato sauce with 7 vegetables so the left-over is in ziplock bags and in the freezer, enough for 3 meals at least.  It takes a lot of time to cook the sauce because there is a lot to chop up and he also made ravioli from scratch.  He started cooking around 2.00pm.  He did take a tea break but I guess in total it took him about 3 and a half hours.




We were worried that the sauce may overpower the filling of the ravioli but it didn’t, it was delicious!





I helped him a little with finishing off the ravioli .  We couldn’t find the right size zigzag cutter so I just made the sealing with a fork.  I think we probably should have made them square shape thinking about it now.


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