Lunch At Roadhouse (& Update of My Surgery)


It’s a Halloween today.  I hear that it’s now a big event in Japan.  For my English husband, it’s not a familiar event so it hasn’t been a big event for us, we practically do nothing.

シンガポールは土曜日が祭日でした。会社によるようなのですが、夫の会社は土曜日はお休みなので代わりに今日がお休みになっています。せっかくのお休みなので、久しぶりにランチに Roadhouse にバーガーを食べに行ってきました。

It was a public holiday on Saturday.  It seems to depend on the company but my husband’s company has a day off today instead as Saturday is a day off anyway.  Since it’s a nice extra day off today, we went to Roadhouse for a burger lunch.


However, their menu had changed since I’d been there last.  They don’t have a lunch set menu that includes starter and dessert and they don’t have a lunch set with a beef burger.  I decided to order a smaller burger (with tomato & lettuce) with coleslaw and fried potato and my husband had a Build Your Own burger.  My husband’s burger was good but mine was 2 small and thin burgers, which were completely cooked through rather than medium that I ordered.


I forgot to take a photo of our lunch completely, so I took a photo of the interior.



On Wednesday, it’ll be 5 weeks since the operation.  For the last couple of weeks I hardly felt any pain.  On Friday, I had a check up (a month after the operation), it was all good and was told to be checked up again in 3 months.  However, yesterday, I started to feel very sore around my wound whenever I stood up or walked.  It was the same this morning so I contacted the doctor and saw her to be checked.  She did ultrasound and told me there was nothing worrying she could see so it was probably just a strain.


The only thing I can think of is that I was standing for a long time and also did a lot of standing and sitting when I was making cards yesterday and the day before yesterday.  The doctor thought that could be the reason, standing for a long time apparently isn’t a good idea at this stage.  She told me to take it easy for a couple more weeks. As I hardly have any pain I forget about the surgery but I guess I need to be a little more careful…I’m doing so good that I forget I’d had quite a big surgery.

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