今日の夕食は,夫もわたしもお料理したくないときの定番のチーズフォンデューの予定でしたが、お昼に出たついでに寄った Culina でラクレットチーズを見かけてラクレットに変更。一緒に食べるものはチーズフォンデューのときとほとんど同じ。新ジャガと茹でたもの、人参の茹でたもの、生ハム、今日はチョリソーもあったのでチョリソー、たっぷりのサラダ。チーズフォンデューのときにはないのは、ソーセージ。日本の皮がパリッとしてジューシーなソーセージがあるともっと美味しいのですけど。。。他に玉ねぎのみじん切りやナツメグやパプリカ、ガーリックパウダーなど好みでチーズの上にかけていただきます。

We were going to have Cheese Fondue, which is something we tend to have when neither my husband nor I want to cook but want to eat something nice, but we saw raclette cheese in Culina in Dempsey after lunch and changed our plan to Raclette.  What we eat with it is almost the same as when we have Cheese Fondue – boiled new potato, carrot, Parma ham, salami and/or chorizo, a large salad.  Something we have with Raclette but not with cheese Fondue is sausages.  We prefer the Japanese sausages – the skin bursts and inside is very juicy – but I cannot find them anywhere here.  We also use some chopped onion, nutmeg, paprika and garlic powder to sprinkle on the cheese.














So, our long weekend is already nearly finished.  Today is the last day in October and it’ll be November tomorrow – only 2 months left this year.  Since June, when my Mum went in hospital, so many unsettling things have been going on in my life – Mum’s funeral, 49th day memorial event, health check up after 18 years of not doing it, operation, additional health check up (stomach endoscopy)…. I feel the last 5 months just flew while I was in limbo land.


I usually go back to Japan at around this time of year (because I love autumn in Japan) and I was planning to do so this year, too, but I have decided to delay it to early spring because I feel I haven’t got my stamina back, it’s only been a month since the operation.  If the flight was half the length I feel I could go but I find that 6 hours of flying is very tough.

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