Buddha Bowl (on a plate) For dinner


My husband showed some interest in Buddha Bowl so I made it for dinner tonight – although I used plates instead of bowls, I prefer this way.  My husband loves bibimbap so I thought he will probably like this particular Buddha bowl, too. (The base of the recipe.)


Today, as well as usual tofu and raw carrot, I used spinach, bean sprout, sweet corn, coriander and green onion.  When you put the sauce all over it doesn’t look very appetising so I put the sauce in a small dish so we can each use it as we like.


Today, I cooked brown rice in a special ceramic pot in a pressure cooker but it’s been more than 10 years since I used pressure cooker and even when I used it I used it only a couple of times so I couldn’t remember how to use it.  It didn’t get pressurised no matter how long I cooked it so I gave up and opened it – then I realised I hadn’t locked it properly.  I put it back on and cooked it on a low heat for 20 minutes and it was done.  However, when I was having trouble with pressurising the cooker I started cooking usual white rice with ’16 grains’ in case brown rice wasn’t cooked, so I had both ready.  I ended up mixing both.







My husband seemed to have enjoyed it so I think this will come up now and again.

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