Lunch at Cure

今日はお友達とランチをご一緒したのですが、「快気祝い」ということでご馳走していただいてしまいました。2人ともここというところが思い浮かばず、最終的に Cure に予約を入れました。前菜、メイン、デザートとも3つの中から1つを選ぶランチコース(2コースと3コースがありますが、今日は3コースいただきました)。

I had lunch with a friend at Cure – but she insisted to pay saying it was to celebrate me getting better from my surgery.  We chose their 3 course menu (there are 3 choices for each).


My friend’s starter was duck ravioli.



Mine was granola with some sort of icecream.  Pretty to look at and interesting but it’s not my favourite, I found the ice cream too rich (I’m not a big fan of dairy so maybe it’s just me) and the granola (not real granola of course) for lunch is “interesting” but not necessarily tasty to me.



My friend’s main was Mackerel.



Mine was Orzo with artichoke, pine nuts and slow-cooked egg.  I don’t know why this pasta (orzo) is so popular, I see this in posh restaurants all the time.  I’m not a big fan of it but often it’s the only choice I can make.  I find this a little too boring…  I think also they sprinkle salt over after cooking and I found the surface of the food too salty for me – and my friend said the same thing.



My friend’s dessert was orange cake with olive oil ice cream and carrot salad.



My dessert was Irish Chocolate.  I’ve had this before and I quite like it.  It’s quite light and you can enjoy different textures.  The best dish today.




This is my 3rd visit, I think, but my impression wasn’t as good as the last 2 times.  In the past one of the dishes was very enjoyable but this time I didn’t like my starter or the main.  It’s not that the food was bad, it’s just that I didn’t find them very enjoyable, maybe just wasn’t my kind of food today.  My friend had different dishes as you can see  but she had similar impression.  I think their cooking is very interesting but not so sure about the flavour.  My dessert was nice.







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