Carrot Soup and Chicken & Apple Salad


We didn’t get to the airport in Singapore until midnight and I was out most of today so I hadn’t had time for blogging, I’ll blog about Hong Kong tomorrow.


I was invited with some other friends by a mutual friend for lunch.  Sadly I forgot to take my camera with me but I did take some photos with my iPhone, I’ll blog them later.  The lunch was delicious and I was very full – not easy to cook dinner with a full tummy!


Today’s dinner was Carrot Soup with curry flavour (only for my husband, I didn’t have it).



I like pairing chicken with mango and avocado best but I haven’t been able to find good mango or avocado for a while.  I let them go ripe at home but they just don’t taste good so I guess they aren’t in season, so I gave up and tried with celery and apple.  Not as interesting.







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