Handmade Christmas Card

今日は午後からお友達がカード作りに来られました。前回いらしたときにほとんど完成させておられて最後の仕上げのアクセントだけが残っていたカードに、グロシーアクセントを塗られて完成。オーブンが開くとっても手間のかかる可愛いカード。(Nichol Magouirk さんのカードを参考にしています。)

A friend came to make some Christmas cards.  She made 2 very time consuming cards last time but didn’t have time to put glossy accent and let it dry, so she put it on today.  The oven opens up.  They are so so cute. (Inspired by Nichol Magouirk’s card.)




Then she made 4 cards – same cards as I made the other day – but again she didn’t have time to let the stickles dry so she wasn’t about to put all the parts on the card bases.  She will finish them at home.

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