Christmas Cards All Done! (For Overseas)


I have sent all the Christmas cards overseas first thing this morning.  I almost always go back to Japan in autumn but this year I didn’t so I started making them relatively early and finished relatively early – so much less stressful.  From my experience, most cards arrive well in time if I post them early in December but if I’m late by one more week it can take 3 weeks when it usually takes 1 week and they arrive in mid January.  Glad it’s been done!


I forgot to take 1 type of card (I made 2 of them) but I made 10 different types of Christmas cards (plus 1 that I didn’t take a photo of).


I always forget that the last part of them – prepare paper to adhere inside, stamp a sentiment, write a line, sign, adhere address sheet… – takes surprisingly long.  Same this year.  I was doing all that for a few hours until late at night (well, until the date changed).  Why can’t I prepare all that well in advance?


I used to send Christmas cards or New Year cards to those I don’t receive them from, but many people switched to emails or e-card and it just takes so long to make these cards, I stopped sending them to those who don’t send to me.


However, as we all know, some posts do go missing.  A friend told me she sent a sympathy card to me but it never arrived.  I know a birthday card I sent to my friend in Germany didn’t get there 2 years in a row.  I don’t often get asked if a card arrived and I don’t often ask anyone if mine did, so I imagine there are some cards that didn’t get to me even though they sent them to me.


If you haven’t received Christmas card from me even though you sent one to me, please let me know!

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