Dinner With A Friend At Nanbantei


My husband left for Shanghai on business today and won’t be back until Friday.  It seems a bit boring to have evening meals alone 3 days in a row so I asked a friend of mine if her husband would be away at the same time and he was today so we had dinner together at Nanbantei. I forgot to take photos after a while as we were busily eating and talking but we ordered Ginko nuts, Nanban-yaki, Yuzu-kosho pork, tomato with pork, okra with pork, sweet corn, onion, Gyoza, garlic rice and a sweet bean soup dessert.  The onion was a little strong (as they weren’t cooked through) but the rest was very tasty.  I had a beer, my friend had just tea and the total bill was about S$94 for 2 of us, which seems very inexpensive.






It always surprises me that we don’t often see many Japanese in this restaurant because I think their food is consistently good. (The only problem is that we sat at the counter and the smoke came towards us a few times and my hair (and probably the whole body) is smelling smoke!)


We enjoyed their food and also chatting together – had a lovely evening.

14 Scotts Road #05-132,
Far East Plaza

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