Yesterday’s Dinner & Tonight’s Dinner


I often serve my husband the same menu for dinner as I’ve made for lunch after I have a gathering with friends at home, but this time I served my lunch menu for dinner on the evening before as a practice for today.


  1. I don’t have ramekins that are the right size for the soufflé, I only have those that are slightly too big and some slightly too small.  Yesterday I used 5 of the slightly too small ones and 1 of the slightly too large ones.  This is the one baked in a slightly too large one and served it to my husband but it was a little too big even for him as it’s quite heavy with cheese.  I think I’ll try it in much smaller ramekins, baking for a shorter time, in future. When I use this larger ramekin the souffle does rise straight up.  The smaller ones I have always make it rise a bit crooked.





This is a smaller one – crooked.




So it worked as a practice, which was good.



Today’s dinner was quick and easy – soup and salad.  The soup was cumin scented tomato soup.  I made this recently once and remembered how much we liked it, it’s really delicious.  I’ll be making this often again.




A salad of La France (Japanese western pear), Parma ham and pecan nuts.





There was some tart from lunch time left so my husband and I finished it, it was so delicious.






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