Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas again!


The hotel we are staying at had a special Christmas dinner last night (we went out) and this morning they already took the decorations away.  Umm, Christmas is actually today….  I know some people celebrate on Christmas Eve but they should at least leave the decorations up until today – not that they were nice….


As we are here, where Christmas means nothing, we will have an ordinary day today and celebrate it properly when we get back home.

昨日のディナーは、一昨日に行ったレストランのすぐ近くの「Golden Elephant」というレストランに行ってみました。ずいぶん暗くて綺麗に写真が撮れませんでした。

Yesterday, we tried “Golden Elephant” for dinner with our friends.  It was quite dark inside so the photos are not very good.


We had Beef Salad, Chicken Soup in Coconut Milk, Stir-fried Morning Glory, MasaDuman Curry, Duck & Vegetables (I didn’t eat it but I heard the sauce as too sweet).  Our friends’ daughter had fried chicken and fried potatoes.  For dessert we had Banana Fritters and Banana Split.  By some reason, around here, we don’t see any Thai desserts on the menu, they are all bananas…


It was all quite good but not very spicy – same as the day before.  We also had 1 coconut juice, a few bottles of beer and it was about 2,600 Bhat – much more than the day before  It’s still inexpensive comparing to Singapore.

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