Chicken Breast with Port Wine



Today’s dinner was Chicken Breast with Port Wine.  I followed this recipe in a blog (Japanese only).  First you sauté onion and garlic until browned and sweet and take it out.  Using the same frying pan you sear 1cm sliced chicken breast that has been seasoned and floured.  Then put the onion and garlic mixture, add some sliced mushrooms, pour a cup of chicken stock, a half cup of port, let it come to boiling then simmer it for 15 minutes with a lid on.  If it’s too liquidy (mine was), you cook it down at the end.

It was nice and easy and tasty.  I should have seasoned the chicken slices more  and also should have reduced the sauce more but it was still good.  I used olive oil instead of butter so it was quite light, I guess butter will add a little more richness.  I forgot parsley, though…









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