Soup & Salad


I hadn’t blogged last night’s dinner either.  I went to bed around 10.00pm last night, which is unusually early for me.  Usually when that happens I wake up in a few hours and cannot go back to sleep but I did sleep well into this morning!


So, last night’s dinner was soup & salad.  We often eat more or heavier meals on weekends (though not last Sunday) so I tend to make something light on Mondays.

Soup was Cumin Scented Tomato Soup, which my husband loves.



Salad was with lentil, beet, goat cheese and avocado.  I added some rocket leaves and salad leaves and also scattered some macadamia nuts that I dry roasted.  Dressing is made of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and grain mustard (that I got in Japan, the texture is very special).  I love nuts so I often use nuts in salads but this sort of salad specially seem to call for nuts.  I put goat cheese in the oven for a few minutes to make it soft, warm and gooey.






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