Yakiniku Dinner


It’s already March now, 2 months have gone this year. January seemed to last longer but February just flew!



I took a short trip to Taiwan with my sister and brother on Sunday.  (My sister’s husband hates flying so he didn’t join us.)   It happened to be a 4 day weekend in Taiwan (we didn’t know when we booked it) so we were very worried that we may get stuck in a traffic jam but it was fine.  There was one sight-seeing place, where it was packed with people, but other places weren’t so bad.  I think I’ll take time to do some photo editing and blog about the trip when I get back to Singapore.


Yesterday, we (my sister, her husband and my brother) went to a Yakiniku restaurant that we’ve been going to since we were small.  It’s a typical Korean  BBQ restaurant in Japan, I think.  We enjoyed lots of BBQ and Korean cold noodles.




Incidentally,there was a large group of Sumo wrestlers upstairs in the restaurant and we saw them when they were leaving.



My husband is coming to Kobe tomorrow!




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  1. aizamariec says:

    welcome to Kansai!!! yummy pics by the way

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you.

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