Dinner at Mustard


We had dinner out with my husband’s nephew (his younger brother’s son)’s partner today.  As she is vegetarian, I asked her if she liked Indian because I feel Indian is the best option for vegetarians if they like Indian flavour and she does, so we went to Mustard.


Last night, I was telling my husband that we mustn’t forget about dinner today because we rarely eat out during the week, then somehow I did forget and started making dinner at home.  I realised we were going out about halfway through – fortunately it’s something that’ll keep and I just had to put some topping on and put it in the oven.  My memory is worrying…


We ordered samosa, grilled cauliflower, okra curry, pannier curry and also butter chicken for my husband and I (as my husband loves it).


Everything was delicious.


Our nephew’s partner stayed with us with our nephew sometime ago but I thought it was about a year ago, in fact it was a year and a half ago.  Time flies so fast.

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