Steam Boat

今日は夏に本帰国されたお友達が来星されているので、数人でランチをご一緒しました。場所は、IONの「Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant」。周りのお友達でお好きな方が多く、この1年ほどの間、結構なんども利用しています。お肉もたまにオーダーしますがあまり美味しくもないので、最近はお豆腐とお野菜が中心で少し餃子やワンタンも、というヘルシーなオーダーの仕方をすることが多く、今日もそうでした。

A friend who moved back to Japan in July is visiting Singapore so I had lunch with her and a couple of mutual friends at “Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant”.  Many of my friends like this place so I’ve been there many times in the last year or so.  Although we sometimes order some beef or pork, more often than not we seem to order mostly vegetables, tofu and some dumplings without any meat recently.  I think we are all trying to eat healthy and also we tend to crave for lighter meal these days.






For dessert we had warm almond cream.  I thought it was a little watery – I prefer it to be a little thicker.




So, I ate too much again.  I don’t feel too full while I’m eating but soon after I stop I start feeling more and more full!  I should stop eating when I feel 80% full like a Japanese saying says.


It was about S$35 per person, which seems very inexpensive – I suppose it’s because we didn’t order any meat.


It feels like only a couple of months ago when this friend left but it’s been more than 6 months!  She seems to have got used to the life style in Japan and looked very well.  Hope she’ll visit again soon and we can spend more time together next time.




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