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今朝5時のスタートだった「2XU Compression Run 2017」で夫はハーフマラソンを走り、パーソナルベストを達成、しかも12分も縮めたという快挙でした!

My husband ran the “2XU Compression Run 2017”, a half marathon, early this morning (4:.30am start) and beat his previous personal best by 12 minutes!  Wow!!  Awesome!!!



I’ve written this before, but my husband started running only after we came to Singapore – about 7 years ago.  He was running a little before we got married but not since until then (and we’ve been married for almost 30 years).  Apparently he wasn’t able to run much at first but started running some half marathons after a while.  Although he was initially getting stronger and faster it seemed that he hadn’t been improving much recently. So I wondered if it’d help if he had some personal training in a gym for strengthening muscles, so gave him a package of a personal trainer (8 sessions) as a part of my Christmas present last year.  In Singapore most condominiums have a gym so it’s not so unusual to have a personal trainer come to you for such sessions.


I wasn’t sure if he would enjoy it because he is busy with work and he also runs 3 times a week but he finished the 8 sessions and bought another package to continue his training.  Apparently it’s an hour’s hard work each time without rest but he says he enjoys it because he can see the improvement as time goes on.  It’s been only 3 months but I can see some difference and he says he feels very different when he runs and believes that made it possible to get his half marathon personal best today.



Singapore isn’t such a great place for running as it’s always hot and humid, even very early in the morning, but he has been running 3 or 4 times a week every week for the last 7 years except when he had some problem with his legs or when he wasn’t able to because he was away on business.  He has such a strong self-discipline and I really admire that.  He seems to be getting younger and more fit (while I’m definitely getting older….).  Since he isn’t so young any more, I don’t want him to push himself too much but it’ll be great if he can continue running as a hobby,

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