Porcini & Mushroom Risotto


It’s already April.  In Japan, it’ll be a cherry blossom time very soon.  I cannot help thinking of last April, when we took Mum out in a car to view the beautiful cherry blossoms in Shukugawa.  Already a quarter of the year is gone and I’m sure the time will fly even faster from now on.


ということで、今日は炭水化物中心の夕食で、夫と一緒にドライポルチーニとマッシュルームのリゾットを作りました。レシピは、An Invitation to Italian Cooking by Antonio Carluccio(Antonio Carluccio) という料理本のものに白ワインを少し加えました。硬すぎず柔らかすぎず、ほんのちょっぴり水分が足りなかった気がするのとお塩もあとほんのちょっと足した方が良かったと思いましたが、かなりパーフェクトに近い感じにできました

My husband will be running a half marathon tomorrow, so we had a carb-loading dinner. We cooked Dried Porcini & Mushroom Risotto together.  The recipe is from An Invitation to Italian Cooking by Antonio Carluccio(Antonio Carluccio)but we added some white wine.  I think it would have been perfect if it had a tiny bit more moisture and seasoning, but it was pretty close to perfect, much nicer than the same sort of risotto I’ve had over the years in restaurants in Singapore.  Rice wasn’t too hard or too soft, it wasn’t watery, it was creamy enough but not too heavy and had strong mushroom flavour.  Very pleased with our effort.








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