Keema Curry & Daal


I try to cook dinner without or very little meat at least once a week, but it didn’t happen this week.  I thought we had too much meat this week, but I haven’t made Keema Curry for a long long time and I’ve been wanting to have it so I cooked Keema curry and Daal tonight.  Keema curry is my Pakistani friend’s recipe, such a wonderful one.  The Daal recipe is what I leaned at Coriander Leaf many years ago.


There are many different styles of daal but I like it with a little acidity from tamarind and spice oil with curry leaf, garlic and cumin.  Curry leaf and garlic adds such lovely nutty flavour.


I added some new potatoes in Keema curry.  I used a little less quantity of red chili pepper and black pepper but it was still quite spicy – but just nice with rice and Daal, which are not spicy at all.

















Both Keema Curry and Daal came out good and we enjoyed it very much.  Flowers are still looking beautiful, which makes me happy!  The largest peony may have gone by tomorrow.

1st May will be a holiday here and my husband took tomorrow off and I have nothing on tomorrow, either.  so we’ll have 4 days weekend!  Yay!









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