Park Bench Deli’s Sandwich

先日食べ損なった Park Bench Deli のフライドチキンサンドイッチが食べたくて(笑)、今日のお昼に。夫もお休みだったので夫が選んだターキーサンドイッチと半分ずつ。

I wanted to have the fried chicken sandwich I wasn’t able to have the other day, so that’s what we had for lunch.  We also had Turkey sandwich – half and half with my husband.



I much preferred fried chicken sandwich to turkey sandwich.   I love the sauce, which is a little spicy.


When I had their fried chicken sandwich for the first time, it was much too large to eat alone and I remember I just had a half of it.  2nd time I shared it with a friend and it didn’t seem enough, somehow it wasn’t as big.  This time, it was a large portion again and just a half with a little salad would have been better rather than 2 halves.  I think it’s the size of the chicken piece that is different every time.


When this deli opened, they had no eat-in space but apparently they do now.  They also open until later than they did in the beginning.  These sandwiches were not so hot because we had them bought and brought to us, but I’m sure they are much nicer if we had them as soon as they are made at the place.

Park Bench Deli
179 Telok Ayer Steet

Tel: 6815 4600

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