Turmeric Chicken

今日、夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Jamie Oliver の Turmeric Chicken少し前に初めて作ってくれたのですが美味しかったので、昨日「明日、何作ろう?」と困っていた夫にリクエストしました。

Dinner my husband cooked today was Jamie Olvier’s “Turmeric Chicken“.  When he cooked it last time I liked it very much so I asked him to cook it again when he was trying to think of what to make this weekend.


Chicken is marinaded in yoghurt, turmeric etc then cooked in a pan.  It’s served with roasted pepper, humous, cooked baby spinach, couscous with mint and crushed hazel nuts but I asked him to change hazel nuts to almonds as I don’t like hazel nuts very much.  In the recipe you are supposed to use roasted pepper in a jar that you buy but I suggested to roast it in the oven at home because  find it much nicer.  Instead, I suggested him to buy houmus from deli in supermarket because we tend to waste the left-over when we make it at home, although it is much nicer to have home made.  I also asked him to use some coriander leaves, so the whole dish was more Middle-Eastern than the recipe.


To be honest, marinade doesn’t seem to add anything much other than the colour but I like this dish because it has a lot of different elements.







Today’s cheese was Brie de Meaux, Stilton and Mature Chedder.  In Singapore when you buy Stilton in a supermarket sometimes it’s very good but sometimes it’s not nice at all.  Sadly today’s Stilton wasn’t nice at all.







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