Dinner at Terra – Tokyo Italian

昨日の夕食は、前回行ってすぐに予約を入れていた Terra に行ってきました。いただいたのは、いつもの、おまかせ3コースの中の真ん中のコース。

Last night’s dinner was at Terra, we made a booking soon after the last time.  As always, we took the middle of of the 3 omakase courses available.



I forgot to take a photo but their bread was different from the past.  They used to serve focaccia, which I thought seemed like defrosted in the oven (I don’t know if that’s what they did or not, but it seemed to me that way) and often very dry.  Yesterday’s bread was brioche type and seemed fresh.  Crispy outside, soft inside and very nice.  We were very happy with the change.  Apparently they wanted to serve lighter bread so it goes with their Porcini Butter.


My first dish was Foie Gras.  The surface was covered with crunch caramelised sugar like Creme Brulee.



My husband’s first dish was Hokkaido Sea Urchin Bruschetta – their new menu.



His 2nd dish was Mackerel.



My 2nd dish was Japanese wagyu carpaccio with puntarella.  I’ve been wanting to try puntarella for a long time but this was my first time.  It didn’t have much taste but had lovely crispy texture.



My husband’s 3rd dish was pasta with crab and tomato.



My 3rd dish was pasta with spring vegetables (spring cabbage, bamboo shoot and green peas).  I told the chef that I really loved the pasta with spring cabbage and bamboo shoot I had last spring when I was there last time and he remembered it so he cooked this pasta for me.



The 4th dish was Italian sausage and white asparagus risotto for both of us.  It was modern style light risotto rather than traditional creamy type but tasted very good.




The 5th dish was Japanese wagyu.


デザートは、クレープでした。Terra でいただく初めてのアツアツのデザート。マンダリンオレンジのコンフィとバニラのアイス、ビスケットを砕いたもの。個人的にレストランでいただくデザートは、アツアツのデザートの方が冷たいデザートより嬉しい。特に熱い何かにアイスクリームという組み合わせは個人的に好きです。

Dessert was crepe with ice cream, a half of mandarin orange confit and some crumbs.  I like having hot dessert at restaurants because it’s something we don’t get at home.  I particularly like hot dessert with ice cream.



With one bottle of red wine and one bottle of sparkling water, the total bill was S$554.  It is quite expensive but it seems to us that you need to spend about this much money to be able to have good dinner in Singapore.  I particularly like this restaurant because every time the chef creates different dishes for us and their cooking is relatively consistent and I love tasting seasonal ingredients from Japan.

Terra Tokyo Italian
54 Tras St, 078993

Tel: 6221 5159

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