Dinner At Gidleigh Park (Dartmoor)


I fell asleep early again just after 10.00pm last night, kept waking up every hour or an hour and a half, went back to sleep a few times but gave up at 4.00am.


My wrist felt much better yesterday but seems to be more painful today, probably too much blogging but it’s hard not to as there is so much to write.  I must be careful, though…

Gidleigh Park のレストラン(ミシュラン2つ星)で21年間シェフを勤められていた Michael Caines さんが1年半ほど前にご自分のレストランをオープンされ、Michael Wignall さんというシェフに変わってから初めてのディナーをいただきました。正直なところ、Michael Caines さんのお料理はわたしたちには伝統的なフレンチすぎて(最後の数年はモダンになりましたが)、また塩味があまりにきつすぎて好みではありませんでしたので、新しいシェフに変わったのはわたしたちにとってはグッドニュースでした。

Michael Caines, who was the head chef at Gidleigh Park left about a year and a half ago after working there for 21 years, opening his own place, and a new head chef, Michael Wignall, replaced him.  This was our first time to have dinner there after the change.  To be very honest, we were never big fans of Michael Caines’ cooking.  This was much too traditional for a long long time, and even after he changed his style finally some years ago to a more modern presentation, it was much too salty and the taste was still very traditional for us, so this was good news for us.

残念なことになにしろ食事をしたのは2週間も前のことで、細かいことは覚えていません。やはりすぐにブログに書かないと忘れてしまいます。が、こちらのお料理はあまりに多くの食材が使われていて、多分食事のすぐ後でも大して書けなかったとは思います。わたしはベジタリアンのコースをいただいて、夫は普通のコースをいただきました。写真はわたしがいただいたお皿と夫のお皿とごっちゃになっていますが、今ではどちらがどちらだったのかも定かではありません(笑)。写真にはありませんが、わたしはメインの代わりにチーズをいただきました。(追記 思い出しました。ベジタリアンコースではなく、いただけないものを言って適当にアレンジしていただきました。)

As it was already about 2 weeks ago when we had the dinner there, I cannot remember all the details.  Even if I wrote about it soon after the dinner, I probably couldn’t have written a lot about it because there were so many elements in each dish, there was no way I could have remembered all of it.  I took their vegetarian course and my husband had their usual tasting menu.  I cannot even tell you which dish was mine so I’m going to just upload the photos.  There is no photo of it but I had both cheese and sweets for dessert instead of one of the main courses.  (Additonal Note :  I didn’t actually take their “vegetarian course” but told them what I cannot make and they made a course for me.)


As it’s obvious from the photos, the presentation is just beautiful and impressive and makes you sigh.  It was very complicated, sophisticated, elaborate high level cooking and all tasted delicious, there is no doubt about it.  However, there were just so many elements in each dish and a tiny amount of each element that I wasn’t sure what I was tasting although it always tasted very good.  Although I love having many different elements on each dish, it seemed a little too many, and personally I thought I would have liked it if I can taste one main element with a few others to compliment it.  It’s only a very personal feeling and, as I say, there is no doubt that it’s very high level cooking and I would be happy to have it again.  Vegetarian courses can be so boring but this was certainly not boring.

































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