Cute Biscuits From England


I’m editing the photos I took in Glencoe but there are so many photos it’s taking time, so I’m going to have a break.

少し前に Youtube で何人かの方がイギリスのノッティングヒルのビスケット屋さんでアイシングのレッスンを受けているのも見ました。アイシングのレッスンを受ける時間はなかったのですが、そのビスケット屋さんのビスケットがとっても可愛かったので、あまりなかった時間の中でノッティングヒルまで行ってきました。Biscuiteers というお店。

I saw many Youtubers doing some “icing” at this biscuit shop in Notting Hill.  We didn’t have time to do that but I thought the buscuits would be great gifts for my friends and myself so we went all the way to Notting Hill just for this.  The shop is called “Biscuiteers”.


They are cute but not as cute as I thought they looked on their website to be honest.  I guess I’m so used to seeing biscuits with much more delicate patterns and technique of Japanese friends or their friends’ work I see on facebook, they looked a little too …. what shall I say…  amateurish?   They are also very expensive, which I knew from their website, but considering how they aren’t as cute as I thought I decided they were too much to buy for me.









However, I felt I wanted to get something as we went all the way just for this so bought just 2 small ones for my friends and chose a very London design.





I would love to see what some Japanese professionals would be able to make.








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