Hotel In London – Claridge’s & Dyson Hair Dryer

ロンドンでは、この10年数年は大抵 Claridge’s に滞在しています。その前は Brown’s にやはり10年くらい滞在していたのですが、高い割にお掃除が行き届いていなかったり色々不満な点があり、Claridge’s に変えました。去年は違うホテルに滞在して見ましたが、やっぱり Claridge’s の方がいいね、ということに。歴史のある趣やサービスのソツのなさなどとても心地よく気に入っていますが、お値段の割にお部屋が狭いのが難点。今回は特にトップフロアーだったので、屋根がじゃまでした。ロンドンのホテルは、高いです。

We’ve been staying in Claridge’s for the last 10 years or more.  Before that we stayed in Brown’s also about 10 years but we were not very happy with the cleanliness and quality of service so we changed to Claridge’s.  Last year we stayed in a different hotel, I think, but we went back to Claridge’s this time as we realised we like it there.  We love how it has history, and the service is always impeccable.  The only thing is that the room is quite small for the price, specially this time because it was on the top floor.  Hotels in London are very expensive.


We tend to stay in much more expensive hotels than many of our UK friends.  It probably means that these hotels are too expensive for us.  If we’d been staying at places that cost half of where we’ve been staying and fly on economy we would have been able to save a lot more money as we do travel a lot.  However, we don’t have children and getting good service and staying in pleasant rooms mean a lot to us, so I feel it’s OK for us to do this.












They had Dyson’s hair dryer!  I used it for the first time.  It does dry your hair quicker than others, I think.  The only thing was that the buttons for changing the volume and heat level are hard to use.






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