Virgin Train From Edinburgh To London


Not a lot is left to write about our holiday.  Not sure if I’m pleased I’m nearly done or wish there were more to write.


So, our holiday in Scotland ended and we took a Virgin Train from Edinburgh to London.  My husband dropped me off with the luggage at the station, returned the car to the rental place nearby and joined me in the station where we waited for our train in the first class lounge.  It was about 4.5 hours from Edinburgh to London.  I think it’s easier on a train than on a plane when you think of going to and from the airports and waiting time at the airport if your destination is in London.






The seats were very comfortable, too, and it didn’t feel so long.  However, it did shake a lot sideways, specially in the first 20 minutes or so and later now and again, I was a little worried I might get travel sick.  If you get travel sick very easily, it can be a problem, I thought.  Somehow, later on, it didn’t bother me so much.





We took a train that left Edinburgh around 11.00 so the ticket included a light lunch and also some drinks.  There were a few choices but I chose a sandwich.  Well, it wasn’t good.  No taste.  No seasoning.  Again.  Why?  I wish they give us a small sachet of salt at least.  So many tasteless sandwiches in the UK….





We got picked up at Kings Cross in London by a car we had booked while on the train and arrived in the hotel, I guess, around 4.00pm.







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